Christmas Tunes

Are you as sick of the new She & Him Christmas album as I am? I was into it when it came out but have heard it TOO many times by this point in the season. Becoming a bit jaded by Zooey D overall, but that’s a different conversation for a different day.

Here are three short Christmas albums you can listen to (and support the artists by buying) on I listened to them all and can heartily endorse them.

First is one by a local friend and amazing musician, Aaron Lee Martin:

(click the album covers to be taken to the music)

Second is one I happed across via Instagram of all sources… Jon Runion, whose album was “liked” by a number of people I know in San Diego:

Lastly is one that was recommended a while ago on a blog I follow, I believe, but unfortunately I can’t remember who enlightened me! The Lower Lights:

So, feel free to add these songs into your Holiday Shuffle on iTunes or Spotify or whatever.

Knock on wood, but I haven’t heard a single Josh Groban or Kenny G Christmas song yet this year! I plan on keeping it that way!


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