Define Me.

Most of you who read my blog have seen my house in person. (In fact, this is something I want to change in the new year… get more readers, especially strangers!)

Those of you who haven’t been here have been able to see photos on the blog.

While I’m postponing an interior house tour of the new place until I get a bright, sunny day, you’ve been able to see most of the rooms. And, you can always track back to the old apartment for this.

Please, pray tell, answer me this…

Using 5 words or less, diagnose my interior design style!


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4 thoughts on “Define Me.”

  1. Hmm, I’d say,
    vintage yet modern (haha it DOES make sense in my mind, really! ;)) with earth-tones.

    I know what you mean by more readers. :)
    I haven’t been to your house, but I live in town! haha :) You almost bought our house. I do think the one you ended up with has a better layout! And we moved just down the street from you. Small world! :)

    1. You live near us now? How funny! I LOOOVE your old house but as a CA girl I just couldn’t get over this one’s Spanish look!

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