Productive Monday

So, there are lots of things I always told myself I’d do much better at, “if I wasn’t tied up at work 8 hours every day.” Well, time for a reality check–Friday was my last day at work, and this week is my opportunity to prove to myself that without constraints of work I really AM the superwoman I kept telling myself I could be. So, I made a massive list of stuff to take care of this week, including lots of “preparing-to-move” stuff and other “ultra-housewife” stuff (like well-thought out dinners, dishes caught up with daily, etc).

I let Mosey try some watermelon–he liked it!

So far so good! I’ve picked up records of Mosey’s shots from the vet to show the apartment complex he’s up to date, and to get him set up with a new vet. I also made it to the grocery store to get ingredients for fresh, healthy meals tonight and tomorrow night. Not to mention, I caught up on a TON of dishes (we had several people over for tacos last night so there were more dishes than usual). And it’s only 2:00! Maybe I can be superhousewife after all.

I also got a little behind-the-scenes blog housekeeping taken care of, and I’m scratching my head trying to come up with posts for this week. The house is a wreck since we’re getting rid of some furniture and packing, so I am definitely not starting up any new projects at the moment.

Well, I’m bound to come up with something to write about, so see you here tomorrow!


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2 thoughts on “Productive Monday”

  1. I always tell myself I’d be a super housewife/lady too…but then on the weekends I usually just veg out like the laziest person in the world.

    You’re clearly awesome!

    1. Haha, thanks a bunch! Weekends are generally reserved for being lazy… that’s why I’m so excited about having this week to keep things in order (cleaning, packing) so that in the evenings and on the weekend it’s p-a-r-t-y time!

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