I know, I know. Nobody likes to read the struggles of a frustrated blogger. But “they” say that if you don’t post on your blog regularly people will think you fell off the face of the planet!

And we wouldn’t want that now, since I certainly haven’t!

I’ts true that I really have been phoning in the posts lately, or not posting at all, and it’s because I have just been doing computer-related stuff that doesn’t really lend itself to blathering on about. (Which I realize I’m doing now…) The thing is, sometime, between now and January I’m going to move my blog onto my own server, which is really just mumbo jumbo for I’m going to be crabby and new content will be sparse, but that certainly doesn’t mean I’m not working on this here ole blog behind the scenes! Because I love my blog and I want to continue making it live up to its potential.

In other news, I have been crazy busy with work, both retail and manuscript preparation. Which I haven’t really shared about at all but I promise I will in due time. It’s actually very cool and I don’t want to lump such a cool thing in with this silly, meandering brain dump of a post.

So, here’s the deal, I’m around, and I’m working three jobs (two that pay, the other one is this here blog which I’m trying to treat like a job) and… what else…  Christmas is coming! Yay!

What have you been up to? I would love to know. The comments are just right below!
PS: Please be nice to the person at the check-out when you do your Christmas shopping. ;) 


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7 thoughts on “Grrrr!!!!”

  1. Hi Staci! I know the feeling! I’ve only got one job but it’s 50 hours a week and then having to take care of household work when I get home (that’s almost another job in itself!) and trying to fit blog stuff somewhere in there too. And then there’s the husband sitting on the couch beside me as I’m uploading photos and writing, wondering when I’m going to be finished so that I can spend some quality time with him. Oh the life of a blogger!

    BTW, totally agree with your PS about being nice to the person at the check-out! Believe me people, we’re trying to get you in and out as fast as possible!

  2. I totally understand what you’re going through! My day job has slowed down some, but I’m also working on getting more freelance clients, and growing my blog. It wish it was a bit easier.

    Would love to hear about moving your blog to your own server when you get it working! I made the leap from to a while ago, but if I could self-host I’d be a happy camper.

    1. Gah, well it’s not “my” server. I am moving to dreamhost. I suppose I misspoke when I said I was self-hosting, I guess what I mean is I’m upgrading from a based outfit to a Like you.

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