IKEA MOLGER in the Bathroom

Today’s post is a quick one because there isn’t a ton to say on the subject. As part one of our intentional effort to bring a bit of pine into every room, the bathroom was outfitted with an IKEA shelving unit. Inexpensive and very easy to put together, I like the modern lines mixed with the natural wood look.

bathroom shelf

Before hanging it, the brown wicker box that you can see on the top shelf simply rested on the back of the tank filled with bathroom-related items. Now those items are concealed (for the most part) in those cute green tins, also from IKEA. I can’t seem to win with the shaving cream, though. Leave it in the tub? Rust city. Put it in the cabinet? I will forget to use it. So there it sits, easily reachable from the shower, in all its glory.

bathroom shelf

Once we got the unit up on the wall, it seemed way too high (it seemed that way because it was) but I didn’t want to take it down and reposition it. Instead, I decided that what the room needed was a little 3-D artwork. Ever since the steam from a shower made a black picture frame bleed down the wall (at my parents house) I’ve always been a bit gun-shy about hanging actual artwork in the bathroom. Luckily the idea I had envisioned in my head came to fruition with a quick trip to World Market. I got this Indian hanging garland and “swooped” it nicely to fill up the negative space and add some prettiness to the area. It adds such a nice brightness and cheeriness… I love it.

Honestly, the tacky wicker basket on the back of the jon was working out just fine functionally… but it feels nice to dress up the space a bit, doesn’t it? Putting a little intentional effort into a room, even one that is the size of a glorified closet (seriously, that part of the bathroom is tiny) makes a big difference.


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6 thoughts on “IKEA MOLGER in the Bathroom”

  1. I like two things about this project:

    1. That you decided on a concept (“pine”) and you incorporated it in a way that makes sense in the bathroom that adds functionality to the room.

    2. That you made a “mistake” (hanging it too high) into a retrospective bonus, because I think the hanging garland is adorable! We have a hanging thing over our toilet, and I love it, but I have wanted to do something that is more exciting for over the second bathroom. This is an idea that I’d love to copy!

    It really makes the room look more intentionally put together with the boxes!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it makes me smile every time I visit the bathroom–haha! Really though, I feel like the whole project (shelves, boxes, art, garland, overall color scheme) makes the room seem much more “spa-like.”

  2. It’s so funny that you posted about this because I SWEAR I just thought to myself yesterday “I really need some sort of shelf thing in our master bathroom.” One, we just have so much empty wall space that our bathroom looks sad, but I don’t want to just clutter it. Two, we have all our bathroom stuff shoved under the sink and we definitely need some more storage. Glad to know IKEA is a good option!!

  3. I didn’t even notice the shaving cream mostly because I was so dazzled by the garland. What a happy mistake to have hung the shelf high enough to require some balance in the negative space. I think the garland makes the whole look special.

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