Anthro Emcee Tee [DIY plan]

To all of you who dared me to DIY this scarf on Friday, I accept! However, I have to wait until an opportune moment to gather the supplies necessary. So, I decided to make it worthwhile– getting out the sewing machine and going shopping, that is. I’m gonna grab the stuff for the scarf and I’m gonna get some stuff to make this shirt:

Anthropologie Emcee Tee

Anthropologie wants almost $40 for it (that’s the sale price), and I’m not crazy about the dolman sleeve (they make me look chunky) so the solution to both of those problems is to create something similar–nay–better, for way way less!

So far, the plan looks like this in my mind–use an oversized striped tee, cut it into desired shape, and add lace onto the sleeves! I’ve done something similar before so I’m kind of excited and pretty confident. I might even add a band around the bottom to help define it. We’ll see. And I’ll be sure to let you know!


Want! [DIY plan]

All I’ve got for today is a teeny tiny wish list.

Like, one item.

See, I’m going to a wedding this weekends and don’t have any projects planned, so all I have for ya is online shopping.

I want this scarf (from ModCloth).

I may be able to find something similar in a vintage store, so I gotta keep my eyes peeled!

Better yet, could I recreate this with fabric paint and DIY tassels? Rumor has it they are easy to make. DO YOU DARE ME? Cause I gotta live up to a dare.

No work tomorrow! Gotta see some folks get hitched! :) :)