TX Wildfire Benefit

As any seasoned Californian knows, wildfires are not something to take lightly.

This was a very, very, very hot summer. I can attest that this summer broke the 1930s record of number of days over 100 degrees (here in Kansas) and I know that Texas broke many records too–including days hotter than we experienced here. It’s no surprise, then, that a number of wildfires broke out and affected a large section of Texas earlier this month.

You know I’m a sucker for benefit profits with great graphic design, and these shirts are no exception. It’s funny, and looks great. There are other shirt options as well.

Inspiration Board #4

I’ve lived in my small town for a while now, and have continually been impressed every time I go see I Heard A Lion (myspace, facebook, twitter) perform. Not to mention the guys are friends of mine (and their newest member is my husband).

This summer (or was it spring?) The band headed up to Kansas City and holed themselves up for a few days and made an EP. TONIGHT is the night… the EP release party/concert/jam/free nachos night. In celebration, I have whipped up this board of lion wearables to show my lion pride. (Get it? Pride? That was totally unintentional I swear).

1. Cute of Arms Necklace by modcloth.

2. Gold Lion Earrings by modcloth.

3. Deena & Ozzy Lion Head Mid Stretch Belt on Urban Outfitters.

4. Golden Lion Ornate Spoon Ring by plumbpretty (personal fave of these 5).

5. Mane Man Tee by modcloth. The caption isn’t funny unless you know about the power of the wolf shirt.