Sitting Area

So, the whole “dining room” thing didn’t work out so well. Actually, after the last time I posted about my aspirations of sitting down and eating at the dining table, the table leaves got folded down, table was shoved in the wall, and the room was turned into a workshop for refinishing the coffee table (you saw it in yesterday’s post). I’d show you pics of the room in workshop mode, but as you also learned yesterday, my pictures got erased. So no photo.

Anyway, now that the blue couch and black coffee table have been replaced in the dining room, I know you were all dying to know what became of them. We didn’t get rid of it; the set now lives in the dining room.

The blue looks pretty nice in there, don’t you think? In fact, I think it’s much nicer to have two sitting areas–one in front of the TV (we’ve been watching a lot of Scrubs and Hoarders on Netflix) and one where I can read my plethora of magazines. Doug was overjoyed to evict all the magazines from the living room. The dining room table is now shoved against the opposite wall (for those of you that can picture it, the wall to your direct left as you enter the room). One table leaf is up and my laptop has found a home. I’m blogging from it right now. 


Filling the Blank Frame

As you know a month or so ago I filled up my huge, sad, blank wall in the dining room with a simple gallery-style placement of paintings and posters.

Well, as usual, my oversized empty gold frame was proving to be a challenge. I love the way it looks, but with the other, full frames on the wall, it looked, well, empty. THEN! I came across this inspiration photo on pinterest and within mere minutes, my problem was solved.

My empty frame became this!

The higher camera is a Polaroid my parents gave me for my 19th birthday and the other one is Doug’s Pentax SLR he uses when he wants to experiment with film photography. Better than sitting on the shelf, right?

Wall Art (Dining Room)

Today’s post is kind of a big deal to me. Last month we painted the bottom half of the dining room. After doing so, we did some minor furniture rearranging. Still, the room didn’t feel finished. The top halves of the wall were empty and sad.

I had big plans of using graph paper and cutting out mini versions of my pictures to do a layout before bashing holes in the wall. I also considered snapping photos of them and the wall and rearranging things on photoshop to present myself with different options. However, none of these things happened. Friday evening, we just charged ahead and hung the stuff.

We were smart, however, and cut out pieces of Christmas wrapping paper to the size of our art and taped them up on the wall for a preliminary evaluation–it’s a good thing we did because it quickly became obvious that the arrangement I had in mind would not work… I wanted the gold frame horizontally at the bottom with other pictures above and to the side of it, but it just wouldn’t have looked good.

Now, the room really looks and feels like a room.

There was even some attempt made to iron the tablecloth before photo time, but the wrinkles were too stubborn even for the Cotton setting. Guess I’ll just have to wash it. I’ve still got plans, though, like finishing painting the chairs (which I’ve said here a million times) and reupholstering those great MCM chairs by the wall with new cushions and blue fabric–it’s going to be my scary first big reupholstery project and that’s why I’m procrastinating on it. On the other hand, those chairs were free (found them at the dump)!! So if I mess up, I won’t feel too bad. Lastly, I’d love to find some vintage cloth or something to go in the empty gold frame. I’m keepin my eye out :)

What do you think? Have you ever braved hanging a group of pictures like this before? I’ll admit–it was pretty intimidating!