Wizard of Oz Inspired Kid’s Room!

I’ve been meaning to really amp up my numbers of inspiration boards*. With a house that’s pretty much “finished” as far as we’re willing to go (trying to pinch pennies helps stem the urge to constantly redo things or buy new [old] furniture) I’ve started creating imaginary rooms for imaginary people. That was always the most enjoyable part of playing The Sims, right? Or is it just me?

For kids rooms, I love going with a theme but at the same time I see the benefit of not going too themey, that is, not plastering the room with a character’s face. Kids hop from phase to phase (okay, okay, adults do this all the time too) so it’s not good to spend TOO much on particular items that fit within a certain theme. I’m also drawn to “reviving the classics,” that is, stepping away from the pre-packaged Disney bed in a bag (I will admit–in elementary school I was dying for any Disney bed in a bag. My neighbor had the Pocahontas set. So lucky).

Here I’ve taken my inspiration from the Wizard of Oz. A movie that here in Kansas is either met with great enthusiasm or great scorn, depending on who you talk to. Anyway, I digress.

This all started with the yellow rug. I love the idea of a soft “yellow brick road” underfoot and the ombré style is very on-trend. Ideally I wanted a poppy bedspread, since that is where Dorothy & her crew fell asleep, but in my searching I came up empty. Instead, I used the Marimekko poppy shower curtain for a graphic punch of red. Yes, it’s polyester and not cotton, but don’t you think it would clean easily? For the bed, I dressed it in a sweet blue but stayed away from Dorothy’s signature gingham because I felt that its rigid geometric properties (it’s a grid) wouldn’t jive as well with the crazy poppy curtain–I wanted a larger scale print. And this whimsical animal print  just stole my heart.

I like a rich wood bookshelf (this one from Land of Nod) with some concealed storage to wrangle books and toys and everything else that comes with being a kid. The dark wood looks a bit more mature, and will last longer, than white laminate particle board (which is common in kids’ rooms). For the paint, I chose a soft gray as a nod to the black and white beginning & end of the film. It will add dimension to the room while still being light enough to bounce around natural light. I also like to think that gray will camouflage scuffs and bumps on the wall which are inevitable. At least it’ll camouflage them a little bit.  Plus, using a neutral color like this makes it easy peasy to change up the room for the next phase–a few years down the road, hopefully.

For those of you who think this room is a little color-crazy, remember it’s for a child, and remember how color-crazy the movie itself is. In fact, Nicole at Making it Lovely shared an interesting article on techniclolor and the Wizard of Oz last week (after I’d begun working on this room, mind you).

Shopping List:

  • Yellow rug here.
  • Marimekko poppy shower curtain here.
  • Wizard of Oz prints here.
  • Lions, tigers, & bears print here.
  • Bedding here.
  • Lions, tigers & bears pillows here.
  • Paint: Sherwin Williams Spatial White here.

Please comment to let me know what you think! Got any ideas? Got any requests for fun kids rooms?

*I know I’m not the only one who hates the term “mood board.” What does mood have anything to do with it? I prefer inspiration because if one can’t buy the exact pieces listed, elements of the board can “inspire” you to look for similar pieces.


Be Our Guest

The guest room/office was the room of the house to come together most quickly once we moved in. The large window and unfortunate placement of electric outlets are two factors that really limit the furniture arrangement, which (and also for security’s sake) is why we chose the back room for our bedroom.

I love the mix and match of all the pieces together, yes, even the cheap birch veneer bookshelf from target which looked better in our old loft with its lighter color palette. The light “wood” does help keep the room from being too heavy with the gray walls (paint color name unknown), the dark floors, and the dark-ish desk. Gotta have somewhere to put books (and this isn’t all of them!)

The above shot is what you see when you step into the room. On the right is a tall-ish 5 drawer dresser, and past that is another window (with a tablecloth hung as a temporary curtain. oh the shame) and a closet large enough to house Mosey’s crate. I love that my pup is crate-trained; it sets my mind at ease that he’s not destroying my books, shoes, rugs, etc while I’m away. He’s not prone to this kind of behavior in general, but who knows what the mischievous little guy could get into all day with no supervision. Anyway, I’m glad the eyesore crate is hidden in the closet, which we affectionately call “Mosey’s room.” Anyway, no photos of that corner of the room. (Edit: Okay, fine, here’s a glimpse into Mosey’s World).

To add a little interest, I covered the dresser that holds some CDs, some books, and most of my sewing supplies, with a beautiful scarf I picked up while in Morocco. I love the way the blue and rich red play with the wood tones of the dresser and the wall color. The water bottle filled with sand is from Morocco–the fascinating red sand from the Sahara desert. My goal is to have one drawer in this chest of drawers empty for guests to use. I am creeping closer to that goal becoming a reality.

Unfortunately, we only have a twin bed and neither of our couches really lend themselves to being slept upon. Let’s take up a collection for an aerobed! Then more people can come visit!

I love being in this room in the afternoon when the light pours in. And so does someone else: this is how he waits for “dad” to come home from work while I work on the ole blog :)


  • Bed, hand me down from Angela‘s family (mattress mine from high school– well renowned to be the most comfortable ever, by the way)
  • Comforter, from Target (“pebble” design)
  • Vanity-turned-desk, free from the re-use shed at the landfill
  • Light-colored bookcase, the cheapest one Target offered ;)
  • Foot locker, hand-me-down from my mother’s college days
  • Dresser (not pictured–to the right of the door leading into the guest room), Salvation Army
  • Chair, hand-me-down from mother-in-law. Its match lives in the kitchen.
  • Curtains, IKEA. Should have picked up two packages so I’d have something to put on the window I didn’t show you.
  • Zebra Rug, Urban Outfitters on clearance (yay!)

Here’s an off-topic bonus shot: our front walk-up.

Luckily, in the few short weeks that have passed since I took this photo, the tiny plant at the base of the bricks shot up and bore beautiful purple flowers. The grass has filled in, as well, and we’ve done some work on the flower bed.

I have big ideas to make this space a little more inviting, which I plan on doing this spring/summer, including:

  • A bench
  • Flowers
  • Lights?
  • Possible outdoor rug?

I’ll continue doing more detailed posts about each room of the house, and with any luck you should be seeing more of the front walk-up. I really do want to transform it! 

PS: I love comments! Just a hint ;)