Christmas Tunes

Are you as sick of the new She & Him Christmas album as I am? I was into it when it came out but have heard it TOO many times by this point in the season. Becoming a bit jaded by Zooey D overall, but that’s a different conversation for a different day.

Here are three short Christmas albums you can listen to (and support the artists by buying) on I listened to them all and can heartily endorse them.

First is one by a local friend and amazing musician, Aaron Lee Martin:

(click the album covers to be taken to the music)

Second is one I happed across via Instagram of all sources… Jon Runion, whose album was “liked” by a number of people I know in San Diego:

Lastly is one that was recommended a while ago on a blog I follow, I believe, but unfortunately I can’t remember who enlightened me! The Lower Lights:

So, feel free to add these songs into your Holiday Shuffle on iTunes or Spotify or whatever.

Knock on wood, but I haven’t heard a single Josh Groban or Kenny G Christmas song yet this year! I plan on keeping it that way!

Taking Time

Last weekend and this weekend we’re taking time to check out of our normal lives, head up to Kansas City, have some delicious food you can’t get around these parts, and listen to some great music.

Saturday, Doug, Adam and I had a big lunch (to keep us from spending too much on food when we got there) and took off to Kansas City at 2pm. Got there before five–right on schedule. Met up with some friends, chilled, ate gorgonzola cheese fries, and window shopped until time for the concert. Which was excellent.

The show was held in the Uptown Theater. Loved the detailed restored decoration, the bright colors would look gaudy in any other place but definitely work in an old theater like this.

Design motif for my next place?

Last time I saw Bright Eyes was with the LA Philharmonic in the Hollywood Bowl, and Cassadaga had just come out (with all of its grandiose orchestrations–perfect for the Philharmonic) so I knew that this was going to be a completely different experience, and it was. It was much more drum-heavy than the sound Bright Eyes is known for, but that’s the nature of the new album The People’s Key so it was fitting. Actually, he played a lot of songs from his whole body of work–this was also different from in Hollywood–there, he played predominantly Cassadaga songs… Cassadaga is one of my top five favorite albums ever, so this was fine by me.

After the concert, half of a great burrito was all I needed to complete the night. Oh, and to drive back home. Made it in bed by 4:04 AM and only spent tip money (cash). All in all, a successful and thrifty outing. Since next weekend is a multi-day event, we’re sleeping at our friends’ and coming home the next day. No middle of the night driving for us… and possibly some shopping, no? I saved so much money last time it’s only right ;)