Monday Good Reads

I’m going to try to do a new thing here, and on Mondays recommend a book for all those keeping an eye out for a good read… something of substance.

My first Good Read has got to be a book that I was assigned for class last fall semester. It has recently come out in paperback and has also reached a spot on the NYT bestseller list, which means you can probably get a copy online for a good price :-D

Half the Sky is a compilation of true stories authors Nicholas D Kristof and his wife Sheryl WuDunn have gathered in their years of world travel and investigation of the status of women worldwide. I follow Kristof’s blog on the New York Times and he has thought-provoking articles on all subjects, but women and poverty is one that he clearly takes to heart.

Half the Sky
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Many have said that this book is difficult to get through–due to the subject matter, shocking at times. However, I found it inspiring in many cases and it gives me some direction when it comes to the big question– “what can I do to help in this world?” The answer I have found is aid my fellow women around the world. In addition to sponsoring a teenaged girl in Bangladesh, I am volunteering at a home for single mothers in my hometown (beginning soon).

Perhaps you will find some inspiration in this book? If you need a little more help, feel free to check out


Lonny Magazine

Several months after the rest of the interior design and blogging world, I have discovered Lonny magazine.

Founded by two contributers from the now-extinct Domino magazine (moment of silence, please), Lonny picks up where Domino left off (except the price tags on the items are slightly higher in many cases; bummer) with bright, fresh, stylish, carefree interior design. And since they don’t have to pay for paper (the magazine is completely online) the issues are very long, with neat click-through links within the text and from the ads.

No paper means longer issues which means more detail shots in house tours!!

There are currently six issues to peruse and get inspiration from (the new one is not pictured in the archives since it is accessed through the main page).

Why the weird screen shots, you ask? Well, because I don’t know the laws in regards to using any of their graphics or anything when writing about the magazine here on my blog. So, better safe than sorry. Plus, now you know what to expect from their site.


The get "LOST" in a good book pun is too easy...

For several years now I have been a member of this site called The whole point of the site is to register a book and leave it where someone will find it, with the intention of them in turn registering for the site (if they’re not already a member) and journaling their thoughts on it after they finish reading. There is even a service on the site that sends users a daily summary of “releases” in their area (maybe 3-8 daily in the San Diego area). I suppose its just like those dollars one sees floating around out there with “Where’s George” floating around on them… has the same “tracking” aspect but I’d argue that BookCrossing is more substance-based.

While my enthusiasm for registering and releasing books has come and gone over these 3 or 4 years (I’ll go through a spurt where I register and release maybe 6 books at a time, about once a year). My books have a low “caught” ratio (3 out of  20 or so) which I think lends to my sporadic nature of participation. Had I more positive feedback, my enthusiasm would be more sustained, I think. Nevertheless, I’m still a fan of the project.

If you’d like to find out more, go to and poke around a bit. My profile is here, and if you’d like to join, you can put ‘sutashi’ as your referrer.

Bonus: Here’s a 2003 BBC article about it.