Six Months In

Well, it’s official! As of yesterday Doug and I have lived here in San Diego for six months, already! To be honest it’s hard for me to believe because it feels like time has raced by. We both found jobs within the first month of living here, we celebrated Christmas at my parents house, hosted his parents and his brother in December, reconnected with many old friends and made some new ones.

Six Months in SD

It has really been a change of pace for us to live here. On the one hand, here in San Diego there are so many interesting places to go, restaurants to try out, and parks to explore… On the other hand, our life-rhythm in McPherson was to log quality time with our close-knit group of friends many times a week, if not nightly. Here our friends are much busier, and much less spontaneous. It has been a lesson in planning-ahead and getting used to seeing our friends more infrequently. I won’t go ahead and say that one style of socializing is better than another, just that it is different.

Of course, we miss the sweet stucco house, our Kansas friends, and Doug’s family which we used to see very regularly, but thanks to his brother’s new iPhone and iPad (seriously, where does an 18 year old get that kind of money) we can easily facetime with them.

All in all, I’d say the laid back lifestyle and the mild weather have really been agreeing with me. We are so happy that we made the decision to move out here!

In other news…

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Last Sunday my cousin and I took a macaron making class at Sur La Table! I fulfilled one of my life’s dreams… making French macarons! Now I know why they are so expensive: they are very labor intensive! Check out the photo play-by-play over at her blog Yeah. We Bake. If you have a Sur La Table near you I encourage you to check out their class calendar!


Take a Tour: Vestige

Before our big move from Kansas last September, I was combing through the San Diego Craigslist for mid-century modern furnishings. I happened upon a few pieces offered by the newly opened shop, Vestige. I looked them up on facebook and reached out. Then, when we moved Doug and I stopped into the shop for a little get-to-know-you sesh. It turns out that Greg, the owner, has relatives in Kansas–in the town we had just moved from! Small world, indeed.

Vestige Modern

Vestige Modern

While we haven’t bought anything from the shop (yet!!) Doug and I love stopping in for some great conversation and to peruse the items. Once our savings pool gets a little deeper, I’m sure we’ll be picking up some vintage wares for our apartment. The only question is what? I would take the entire inventory if I could. It’s hard when there are so many sweet pieces to covet!

Vestige Modern

Vestige Modern

Vestige Modern

Greg has a keen eye for unique pieces and the shop is staged in a way that it’s easy to imagine any of them in your own home. He also really knows his stuff backwards and forwards–designers, iconic pieces, and values.

Vestige Modern


Where are you from and how did you end up in San Diego?

I moved to SD from Wyoming in 2002 to attend school.

How long has the store been open?

Vestige has been open since June 15th 2012 so a little over 7 months.

How did you first get interested in vintage furnishings?

I began my love of anything vintage just after I moved to SD.  I started out buying and selling vintage clothing.  Over time it turned into furniture/accessories.  I’ve always felt connected to 50’s and 60’s culture, the fashion, music, film, design, cars, but mostly the furniture.  I fell in love with the hunt.  Nothing beats uncovering something really great.

Vestige Modern

What’s the best part about having your own store?

The best part of owning my own store is the freedom to make my own decisions.  There isn’t some upper level manager barking orders at me.  Although I have found that the freedom to do my own thing definitely comes with a price (long hours, bills, responsibility).

What tips would you give to someone wanting to go hunting for vintage items?

As for where I do my hunting/buying I have to keep that to myself. Haha.  I would suggest taking your time furnishing your home, especially with vintage items.  Part of the fun is the hunt.  Buy things that you connect with and really love.

Vestige Modern

4633 30th St, Ste A
San Diego, CA

Vestige on Facebook // Vestige on Etsy

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Take a Tour: Dark Horse

Last Monday, Angela and I decided to explore my old stomping grounds of Adams Avenue. My first apartment in San Diego was on Adams and it would be a nice neighborhood to move back to someday. Since I left, there have been a lot of great changes on Adams including restaurants and shops, the newest of which we stumbled upon–Dark Horse Coffee Roasters. They’ve only been open for two weeks!

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

The owner, Daniel, is congenial and very easy to talk to. Any feelings of intimidation that I normally have when visiting a hip new establishment vanished–I could tell he is dedicated to his quality coffee and the success of his store.

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

The most fabulous thing, to me, is that he DIYed the whole interior of the store himself. Being a design geek, I ate it all up. The wood-paneled wall, the coffee bar facing the window–the counter, everything was DIY. He was eager to share his secrets as well–he explained how he made the wood-paneled wall in a way that even a novice DIYer could feel confident replicating. The chalkboard paint trend was represented in a tasteful, limited, and totally functional way. And how awesome is his accent color of mint green on the counter? It totally keeps the place looking fresh, balancing out the earthy wood tones!

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

The narrow bar facing the window was a great way to maximize the limited square footage. In the space that would have accommodated just another 2-person round table, he managed to fit room for 4 seats–or a casual place to lean while waiting to order.

The branding was not only consistent but cost-effective. He has a few different rubber stamp designs, which he used to decorate the bar, the trim, bags, and even cups. By buying plain wares and customizing them himself, not only is a handcrafted feel created, but money is also saved. Think of the other businesses who can take a cue from this method!

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

You won’t find espresso offerings here–just craft coffee–but Daniel was friendly enough to explain the difference between a pour-over and a French press. I had a French press and Doug had a pour over–the flavor of both options was out of this world. Monday, I literally had the flavor in my mouth all day–the best cup of coffee I have ever had! I couldn’t wait to pop back in Wednesday to take these photos and get another cup!

If you’d like to go, the address is 3260 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA. For more info, follow Dark Horse on facebook!

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