Thrift Score Thursday!

Okay, I finally know the secret to thrifting in Southern California. Get outta town! Seriously though, going to smaller suburban locales produces many more treasures than hitting the same old picked-over nearby places. I found some really cool stuff for my Etsy shop and some other cool stuff for my permanent collection.

Milk Glass Teacup

Check out these precious mugs and saucers I scored! I don’t know how old they are but I haven’t been able to identify them anywhere. The general shape makes me think that maybe they are older than you’d think– more teacup shaped than mug shaped, and very similar to the pink teacups in my mom’s depression glass collection. The disappointing part was that someone at Salvation Army had written on the bottom of them with a sharpie, “set of 10.” Despite their best efforts three pieces had been separated and I snagged three teacups and four saucers for a discount since it was an odd number. I did get the sharpie off using goo gone, and then later, rubbing alcohol. Definitely keeping these!

Jadeite Bowl

This item I’m on the fence about keeping. I loooove the look of jadeite but this is my first piece, since it’s so rare to find any in thrift stores (gets snatched up too fast!). Should I list it so that someone with an extensive collection can add it to their goods? Or should I begin a jadeite collection of my own? What does a person need with a single cafeteria-sized cereal bowl?

Every Thursday I have had so much fun checking out various bloggers’ scores (or photos of the items that got away). One of the ring leaders is Brynne who I recently started following on twitter. Check out her #thriftscorethursday posts here— 33 weeks running!


Catching Up- Living Room Photos!

Well, the self-imposed deadline I wrote about last time totally worked. By the time we had our housewarming party, the kitchen and dining room were painted, the curtains in every room but the dining room were hung, and everything was tidy!

Of course, I took photos to document it. A few things have changed since then, but I’m working on detailing that in other posts!

I always seem to have about five posts “pre-written” in my brain, but getting them down into the computer? Finding the time is difficult.

Forget what it looked like when we moved in at the end of April? Click Here. Has it been almost three months already?

The Patio

A Seating Area

Living Room

The week of the housewarming we pulled the trigger on the amazing credenza you see above from our favorite vintage shop, Vestige!

Living Room

Living Room

To those of you who follow my blog & were able to come to the housewarming, I had such a fabulous time! To my family members who joined us the following morning for Father’s Day brunch, same to you! I felt so happy to host two back to back gatherings in our new home!

The Couch and Table

Friends, I know you have all been dying to hear the full story on the new chartreuse couch and glass dining table. No? What if I bribe you by promising a glamour shot of each?

I love our vintage Danish modern couch, but the basic foam cushions over the wooden frame was hard on the old aching joints after several hours of blogging or watching TV. The easy solution would be to spend less time on the couch, right? Well… instead, we decided to add a new couch member to the family.

New Couch

Shortly after embarking to save up to $1000 for either a new or vintage couch (one with tufting to soften the number of modern straight lined pieces in the living area), this beaut popped up on Craigslist for $250. We drove over to check it out and loved it instantly! It’s very soft–perfect for naps. I forgot to negotiate down the price, as you should do with Craigslist dealings, but the seller delivered to our apartment for free which is worth much more than the $25 or $50 I probably could have talked him down.

The fabric is very, very high quality and I believe was scotchguarded many years ago so it’s been wearing quite well. The only thing that makes it less than ideal is how low it is–I mean the cushions are low and when you sit down you sink even lower. But it’s not uncomfortable or anything, so I like it.

Chrome Table

As for the chrome and glass table…! The round wooden table we had before technically fit better in our space–round is always a great space-saver. The top was very water damaged and therefore rough on the skin, and it was very crowded for knees underneath. This table is much larger and can accommodate 6 people if we need it to! Coming into possession of this table is one of the reasons I love that my parents never throw anything away. I grew up with it! I have vivid memories of my mom asking me to Windex this as one of my chores in elementary school. I used to be such a drama queen about it… coughing and hacking as if the ammonia scent was going to kill me (I really did think it would). I still don’t love Windexing but I do love the gleam of the clean tabletop.

Someday, I’ll even buy four matching chairs to go under it! I know, I know… dream big!