Thrift Score Thursday!

Okay, I finally know the secret to thrifting in Southern California. Get outta town! Seriously though, going to smaller suburban locales produces many more treasures than hitting the same old picked-over nearby places. I found some really cool stuff for my Etsy shop and some other cool stuff for my permanent collection.

Milk Glass Teacup

Check out these precious mugs and saucers I scored! I don’t know how old they are but I haven’t been able to identify them anywhere. The general shape makes me think that maybe they are older than you’d think– more teacup shaped than mug shaped, and very similar to the pink teacups in my mom’s depression glass collection. The disappointing part was that someone at Salvation Army had written on the bottom of them with a sharpie, “set of 10.” Despite their best efforts three pieces had been separated and I snagged three teacups and four saucers for a discount since it was an odd number. I did get the sharpie off using goo gone, and then later, rubbing alcohol. Definitely keeping these!

Jadeite Bowl

This item I’m on the fence about keeping. I loooove the look of jadeite but this is my first piece, since it’s so rare to find any in thrift stores (gets snatched up too fast!). Should I list it so that someone with an extensive collection can add it to their goods? Or should I begin a jadeite collection of my own? What does a person need with a single cafeteria-sized cereal bowl?

Every Thursday I have had so much fun checking out various bloggers’ scores (or photos of the items that got away). One of the ring leaders is Brynne who I recently started following on twitter. Check out her #thriftscorethursday posts here— 33 weeks running!


Vintage in the Kitchen

Working at a cooking retailer, and selling vintage kitchen items on Etsy, I seem to have kitchen wares on the brain at all times (just ask any of my family members!), so I’ve decided to share a bit on the blog. I’m pulling together some kitchen-related gift registry tips for next week, but I don’t want to overlook the specialness of bringing something vintage or antique into the kitchen for a sweet and eclectic look.

Plus, this little project gave me an excuse to get out some of my Etsy shop items and try them out staged together in harmony… To be honest I love the look of all these pieces together!

Vintage in the Kitchen

Vintage lovers, did you know you can create a gift registry on Etsy, in addition to the old standard big-box stores? I highly recommend it–using vintage items is so eco-friendly! What’s the second “R,” after all? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! While new things are always nice, like a brand new set of pots and pans, for example, you can register for some kitchen standards like a cast-iron dutch oven, which has not changed in design or manufacturing process for decades. Other things are fun, too like kitchen canisters or ice cream dishes.

Vintage in the Kitchen

The thing about iconic brands like Pyrex is that they have been around for ages for a reason–their glass is durable and high-quality! These canisters are up for sale in my Etsy shop but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t covet them for my own kitchen.

Vintage in the Kitchen

Vintage in the Kitchen

Le Creuset cast iron wares, or Pyrex and Corning casserole dishes are all-stars for a reason when it comes to pretty designs and functionality. Getting your paws on one can be as easy as raiding your mother’s kitchen (which is what I did), combing through the shelves at Goodwill, or let someone do the hunting and cleaning for you–grab it on Etsy. Remember that Etsy purchases directly affect someone’s income–a fact I know from experience! I am just a casual seller but when I get a little extra cash from one of my sales it can make my whole week! Some people spend all their time and energy on their shop and in fact make it a full-time job. What a dream! Small-business at its finest.

Vintage in the Kitchen

And just so this post doesn’t totally sound like an advertisement for my shop in particular, here are some amazing Etsy sellers I’ve been stalking for a while:

Object of Beauty – Mid-century/Danish items

Franc & Francis – Global vintage home items

YASTK – Global inspired pillows and textiles

Etsy Shopping

Is there any better way to spend a rainy, gray morning than doing online shopping?
Nope, I didn’t think so.

The holidays are here. Time to stretch your brain muscle and come up with the perfect gift for those special people in your life. Etsy makes it really, really easy to find one-of-a-kind items, which are much more personal than yet another scarf, DVD, or other generic present. Something I recently discovered and am now loving are Etsy Treasuries. It’s like a mixtape and Pinterest had a baby. The curator can elaborate on a theme, make it visually gorgeous (like Pinterest), but there are a limited number of slots so it forces one to be selective with their choices (like a mixtape) and brings the best items to the surface!

Click either image below to be taken to the Etsy Treasury…
There is no incentive for me if you visit and buy something from either one of these treasuries. I created them purely for fun!

Here’s my first Treasury, entitled “Red-dy for a Vintage Christmas:”

Red-dy for a Vintage Christmas

And here is “Best of Vintage Glassware:”

Best of Vintage Glassware

The vintage glassware treasury is special to me since I’ve recently learned lots and lots about different kinds of old glass. As I’ve shared on Twitter and Instagram, my mom and I have been setting up shop at a local antique mall in Temecula. Her mother had come into possession of several boxes of vintage (1930s) depression glass many, many years ago and we have a number of pieces up for sale. Any profits will be sent to my grandparents in Oklahoma.

This experience has lent a whole new layer to the antiquing experience for me. I already had a fascination with old items, and now I have a greater understanding of the small business aspect as well as more respect for the history of each item in the antique mall.And it’s so much fun to be surrounded by so many pretty items! I hope someone stumbles across the depression glass collection and will treasure the pieces as much as my grandmother has treasured them!

Here are the pieces as we organized and researched prices for them all. If anything catches your eye shoot me an e-mail and I will see if it’s available ;)

Depression Glass

Do you have an Etsy Store? Feel free to leave the link in the comments!