Please, Sir, I Want S’more!

Mama Bidwell’s Deluxe S’mores:

1 marshmallow
1 reese’s peanut butter cup (full sized)
1 graham cracker
1 sheet of foil
1 skewer

smore play by play

1-2) Make a s’more using a peanut butter cup instead of regular chocolate. This works best with the big, flat Reese’s cups, but last night we improvised with the little ones. The little ones are denser and the chocolate takes longer to melt. Build this on a sheet of foil.
3) Insert the skewer into the marshmallow and fold the foil up around the s’more (the end, then the sides, then wrap it securely around the skewer. The tw0-tonged ones like we used are best because the s’more is less likely to slip off.
4) Cook the s’more in the fire! Mama Bidwell’s rule of how long to cook it is, “if you think it’s been long enough, leave it in a little bit longer.”
5) open up and make sure the chocolate is melted! This step can get messy.
6) Enjoy! Then wash your hands and face. :D

Setting it in the bottom of the fire and walking away will result in a burned graham cracker. This is not ideal.
Pre-roasting the marshmallow and then inserting it into the s’more might be a good technique if you want a really melty marshmallow. Ours were warm but not quite roasted.


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