Holiday Wish List

No, I’m not asking you to buy me things. I mean, if you want to, by all means. These are just some things I have been digging lately and would (in my opinion) make a great gift for whoever.

1. French Bulldog bookends $55.99
This is too hilarious and too cute! As seen on design*sponge.

2. Z Gallerie Rangoon Lantern $25-$75
So beautiful and warm! These would look great in an unused fireplace.

3. Cafe Du Monde French Roast $5.88
A coworker of mine recently came back from the South with this delectable coffee. Best I’ve tasted in a long, long time. Mmmmmm… There simply aren’t words. And, the price is right!!!

4. Lomography Fisheye Camera $49.99
I have been dying for one of these for a while now and the price just dropped ten bucks ;) As the website says, using this fisheye lens automatically makes “whatever you are shooting look extra awesome.” I’m ALL for extra awesome.

5. Inception Blu-Ray/DVD $24.99
Yes, I would settle for the DVD but I have aspirations of someday owning a big TV and if ever a movie deserved to be watched in high-definition, THIS is the one.


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