New Job

As you read this, I am beginning training at my new job. Gone are the days of food preparation, doing hours’ worth of dishes, and up-selling lunch items… and here are the days of clerical work, newsletter-creating, and interacting with church members. I’m going to be our church’s office manager!! I have two weeks of training beginning today. Taking on this job is intimidating but I’m excited! I’m also jumping from 28 hours a week to 40, so I don’t know how this will impact my blog. Hopefully it’ll be a positive impact–financially, I’ll be more able to tackle ambitious projects. Yes, DIY saves money, but there is some initial investing as far as tools and supplies go, and I could still manage to get some new stuff. I’ll try to focus on writing a post the evening before, then scheduling for it to post mid-morning (I’ve noticed that’s when I get the most views). I’ve done the whole writing-the-night-before thing and it seems to work nicely, in fact those posts are usually better because I’m not trying to squeeze them in before I run to work in the morning.

Just thought I’d give you a little heads-up and let you know what’s going on in my life these days!


Small Update

Good morning blog world!

If you want full disclosure, I’m writing this the night before since I work during prime blogging hours. If I post in the middle of the night nobody will see what I write, and this is where WordPress’s handy schedule tool comes into play ;) Well, here is my update on the status of my blog!

Blogging is currently, and has been for a while now, one of my favorite hobbies–tied with, and hand-in-hand with, interior design (decorating, if you’re going to get picky). I’m excited about starting a new series in which I make design color boards based off food! Weird, I know. But food can be totally pretty and I’ve been inspired more than once by surprising and delicious combinations. It’s also going to be my starting point to re-learning Photoshop (that is, first time on Photoshop on a mac).

I used to use a sample version of PS many many moons ago, and currently I’ve been using Corel Paint Shop Pro X, which really is pretty good. But I figure if I wanna kick this whole graphic design/photo editing thing into high gear (even if it just remains a hobby) I should get my feet wet in the industry standard program.

If my blog posts are sparser, it’s either because I’m being lazy and watching Gilmore Girls on DVD (in fact, this is the least likely option, but still an option nonetheless) or because I’m working on something (photos, a design board, etc) that I am not ready to show here yet. I’ll still try to update daily, though, just don’t be surprised if the posts are a little anemic.

Oh yeah. I’m also trying to find a big-girl job in a big city, so part (a lot) of my time is going to that, too. I’ve already got 3 rejections out of like 15 applications! Yay!


PS. Don’t forget to click on the Picket Fence Blogs link to the right of this post. You can vote once a day and I’ve already jumped to #149 (of 241) :) It’s a great way for strangers to see my blog, that is, if they happen to look at all the blogs on page six of that site, haha.


Home, Work, Blog, Etc.

Today’s a balancing day. I didn’t get a blog post out before 11 this morning like I like to; instead I slept in till 8:30 (leaving me half an hour to get ready for work, which is pretty typical). I was a little extra tired due to our good weekend in Oklahoma City, which I enjoyed but tired me out due to missing out on my “sleep in” days, AKA Saturday and Sunday.

Actually, here’s another part of my lack of energy: somehow I threw out my back last Friday so I’ve kind of been taking it easy so as not to a) aggravate the pain and b) give it a chance to heal. So here I am blogging from my bed (I’m usually at my desk) among piles of pillows like an old timely invalid. It’s actually quite cozy.¬†Somewhat contrarily to what I just finished saying about being an invalid, I’m also doing laundry and such… including putting away my suitcase from Christmas (I got back over 3 weeks ago, just sayin’).

Catching up on chores like this make me feel better about not being a hypocritical blogger. Creating a comfortable and stylish living space is only half of the battle–keeping it clean so that it looks good all the time (not just when I clean and style it for photos) is the REAL challenge that I’m focusing on maintaining. For the record, ever since “living room week” and all the photos I took of the room–it HAS stayed quite clean since my initial cleaning & styling! Now I’m trying to get my bedroom back to it’s full glory. I mean, it’s great to take on projects, work on them, and complete them, but being a mature adult and having a neat and tidy living space is a life long project and deserves to be celebrated just as much as another DIY.

Unless you have a maid. Then it’s not really Do It Yourself.