New Job

As you read this, I am beginning training at my new job. Gone are the days of food preparation, doing hours’ worth of dishes, and up-selling lunch items… and here are the days of clerical work, newsletter-creating, and interacting with church members. I’m going to be our church’s office manager!! I have two weeks of training beginning today. Taking on this job is intimidating but I’m excited! I’m also jumping from 28 hours a week to 40, so I don’t know how this will impact my blog. Hopefully it’ll be a positive impact–financially, I’ll be more able to tackle ambitious projects. Yes, DIY saves money, but there is some initial investing as far as tools and supplies go, and I could still manage to get some new stuff. I’ll try to focus on writing a post the evening before, then scheduling for it to post mid-morning (I’ve noticed that’s when I get the most views). I’ve done the whole writing-the-night-before thing and it seems to work nicely, in fact those posts are usually better because I’m not trying to squeeze them in before I run to work in the morning.

Just thought I’d give you a little heads-up and let you know what’s going on in my life these days!


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