Last night I broke out my sewing machine for the first time since I’ve lived in this apartment. Crazy, right? I just hadn’t had the opportunity or to make anything since the apartment came with curtains (yay!). Now, however, Doug’s co-worker is going to pay me a little somethin’ somethin’ for making him 4 curtains. And I definitely would like some extra grocery money at this point in my life. They gave me the fabric and yesterday I got to work! Cutting out fabric is my least favorite part of any sewing project ever. Well, I’ll probably finish them tonight. I forgot how insanely easy it is to sew rectangles–haha!

Anyway, This little project is making several things very evident:

  • Making curtains for my own house is going to be super easy when the time comes!
  • I really, really need to get a ironing board to press seams. These are gonna look a hot mess if the recipients don’t give them a good pressing before going up on the wall.
  • Plaid is GREAT for making sure to get straight lines. Just cut on one of the lines in the pattern!
  • I need to use my sewing machine more than once every couple years. It gets musty and stinky sitting in the sketchy cabinet in my office. (Even though it was in a sewing machine bag).

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