White Elephant Gift

Classy, yes?

This year we were invited to 3 white elephant parties.
Today we did shopping for 2 of them.

Would you enjoy receiving…

1. A bottle full of nails?
2. A 60-foot 1-to-2 person tow rope (think waterskiiing)?
3. A Tribute to Michael Jackson trilogy of DVDs?
4. Some anime posters?

What is the best white elephant gift you’ve given/received?


Holiday Wish List

No, I’m not asking you to buy me things. I mean, if you want to, by all means. These are just some things I have been digging lately and would (in my opinion) make a great gift for whoever.

1. French Bulldog bookends $55.99
This is too hilarious and too cute! As seen on design*sponge.

2. Z Gallerie Rangoon Lantern $25-$75
So beautiful and warm! These would look great in an unused fireplace.

3. Cafe Du Monde French Roast $5.88
A coworker of mine recently came back from the South with this delectable coffee. Best I’ve tasted in a long, long time. Mmmmmm… There simply aren’t words. And, the price is right!!!

4. Lomography Fisheye Camera $49.99
I have been dying for one of these for a while now and the price just dropped ten bucks ;) As the website says, using this fisheye lens automatically makes “whatever you are shooting look extra awesome.” I’m ALL for extra awesome.

5. Inception Blu-Ray/DVD $24.99
Yes, I would settle for the DVD but I have aspirations of someday owning a big TV and if ever a movie deserved to be watched in high-definition, THIS is the one.

DIY Mexican Hot Chocolate

I finally got my butt in gear and made the Christmas presents I had been planning on doing all season… one week before Christmas, wooo!

DIY Hot Chocolate
In progress!!

This is the first time I’ve DIY-ed presents for my loved ones and, thing is, I’m really proud of them! I made home-made Mexican hot chocolate mix out of powdered milk, cocoa, and copious amounts of sugar! I also added a little bit of cinnamon and an even litter bit of chili power, and I must say (I sampled some) it’s quite tasty! Picture time!

DIY Hot Chocolates
Now to add some attractive ribbon and hand them out! Also, gotta love the irony of hot chocolate in a Tostito's jar!

Before this, I made myself dinner, using a recipe that was mostly vague guidelines that my friend gave me yesterday… and I think they turned out delicious! I now give you…. rosemary potatoes…

Rosemary Potatoes
potatoes, olive oil, rosemary, salt, pepper, paprika...

Hot chocolate recipe below… Click to continue!

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