I Predict a Problem.

You’re killing me, crafters. 

Clockwise from top left:

Country Living Valentine’s Day Crafts
Oh! Crafts Paper Punch Heart Garland
Design*Sponge July 4th Wrap Up
HandMakeMyDay Change of Address Cards
Modern Parents Messy Kids Easter Garland
Things Organized Neatly

Using paint chips to make crafts and decorations may seem like a genius move–they’re free, right? Well, they aren’t free to somebody: the paint company or the paint store. I understand grabbing a ton, actually USING them to pick out a paint color, then perhaps doing some kind of small-scale craft with the leftovers. But when I see stuff like this on the craft blog circuit, I picture people getting inspired, going over to Sherwin Williams or Home Depot, and plain clearing them out. I say this because I’ve seen pictures of stacks like an inch or more thick. As far as picking out a room color, I’m sorry, but that’s overkill, and  a really rude move in my book. I dread the day when we get charged for paint chips, or have a limit placed on the amount we can grab,  just because a bunch of crafters are abusing this “free” resource.