Bathroom Plans!

It seems to be a well-established trend in Blogger-Land that the smallest spaces in the home are the ones tackled first. Going with the trend, the bathroom was the first space on my radar, especially since I wanted to paint something a BOLD color after living with white walls in an apartment for a year and a half. Since I want to stay largely neutral in most of the main areas, we certainly went dark, and it was so invigorating!

The space isn’t done yet but I did whip up an inspiration board as a kind of sneak peek. Making these is helpful to see if certain themes go together well, and makes it easy to swap art art pieces, for example, to find the best fit.

Arboretum Inspiration Board

artwork / elephant hanging / wall unit / turkish towel

bath accessories / paint / floor mat 

The paint color, which is already on the walls, is called Arboretum by Behr. I happened to grab a “color trend” leaflet while in the paint area and the intense dark turquoise immediately grabbed me! I thought it would be a cool way to play referee between the mishmash of white (cabinets, toilet) and cream (shower/bath, countertop).

Since the bathroom has two doors (one opens to the hall, one opens to the master bedrdoom), and the doors remained white, there is actually a lot of lightness remaining in the bathroom, even with a super saturated color. I love it.

Bringing in other neutrals such as the same wooden wall fixture we had in the other apartment was another way to connect the bathroom with other areas of the house. I hope eventually every room has at least one nice wood piece, be it a table, desk, dresser, or something else. I don’t mind mixing and matching wood tones, as long as the styles speak to each other.

Now we’re literally waiting for paint to dry, so we can put back up the hand towel hanger, shower curtain rod, etc. Hopefully next time I check in I should have some great photos to share!


I Predict a Problem.

You’re killing me, crafters. 

Clockwise from top left:

Country Living Valentine’s Day Crafts
Oh! Crafts Paper Punch Heart Garland
Design*Sponge July 4th Wrap Up
HandMakeMyDay Change of Address Cards
Modern Parents Messy Kids Easter Garland
Things Organized Neatly

Using paint chips to make crafts and decorations may seem like a genius move–they’re free, right? Well, they aren’t free to somebody: the paint company or the paint store. I understand grabbing a ton, actually USING them to pick out a paint color, then perhaps doing some kind of small-scale craft with the leftovers. But when I see stuff like this on the craft blog circuit, I picture people getting inspired, going over to Sherwin Williams or Home Depot, and plain clearing them out. I say this because I’ve seen pictures of stacks like an inch or more thick. As far as picking out a room color, I’m sorry, but that’s overkill, and  a really rude move in my book. I dread the day when we get charged for paint chips, or have a limit placed on the amount we can grab,  just because a bunch of crafters are abusing this “free” resource.