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Before our big move from Kansas last September, I was combing through the San Diego Craigslist for mid-century modern furnishings. I happened upon a few pieces offered by the newly opened shop, Vestige. I looked them up on facebook and reached out. Then, when we moved Doug and I stopped into the shop for a little get-to-know-you sesh. It turns out that Greg, the owner, has relatives in Kansas–in the town we had just moved from! Small world, indeed.

Vestige Modern

Vestige Modern

While we haven’t bought anything from the shop (yet!!) Doug and I love stopping in for some great conversation and to peruse the items. Once our savings pool gets a little deeper, I’m sure we’ll be picking up some vintage wares for our apartment. The only question is what? I would take the entire inventory if I could. It’s hard when there are so many sweet pieces to covet!

Vestige Modern

Vestige Modern

Vestige Modern

Greg has a keen eye for unique pieces and the shop is staged in a way that it’s easy to imagine any of them in your own home. He also really knows his stuff backwards and forwards–designers, iconic pieces, and values.

Vestige Modern


Where are you from and how did you end up in San Diego?

I moved to SD from Wyoming in 2002 to attend school.

How long has the store been open?

Vestige has been open since June 15th 2012 so a little over 7 months.

How did you first get interested in vintage furnishings?

I began my love of anything vintage just after I moved to SD.  I started out buying and selling vintage clothing.  Over time it turned into furniture/accessories.  I’ve always felt connected to 50’s and 60’s culture, the fashion, music, film, design, cars, but mostly the furniture.  I fell in love with the hunt.  Nothing beats uncovering something really great.

Vestige Modern

What’s the best part about having your own store?

The best part of owning my own store is the freedom to make my own decisions.  There isn’t some upper level manager barking orders at me.  Although I have found that the freedom to do my own thing definitely comes with a price (long hours, bills, responsibility).

What tips would you give to someone wanting to go hunting for vintage items?

As for where I do my hunting/buying I have to keep that to myself. Haha.  I would suggest taking your time furnishing your home, especially with vintage items.  Part of the fun is the hunt.  Buy things that you connect with and really love.

Vestige Modern

4633 30th St, Ste A
San Diego, CA

Vestige on Facebook // Vestige on Etsy

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Me TOO!! (Blu Dot for Target)

How have I not heard a lot of internet buzz or hubbub about the Blu Dot collaboration with Target, “TOO,” that came out online a few months ago? I am in love with some of these pieces! Given how beloved Blu Dot is is with the interior design crowd (especially the Strut table and the Real Good Chair) I would have thought this would’ve come across my radar by now.

I happened across the line while searching for dining chairs on Target.com… which is the kind of thing I do regardless of whether I have the money to buy them or not… what can I say? Online window shopping is definitely a hobby of mine.

Truthfully, I have been socking away some money for a big furniture purchase in the near future, the problem is that I’m mega torn between so many priorities. Bed & headboard versus new couch, versus media/entertainment unit… etc. The wish list goes on, unfortunately.

Naturally, after living here for almost 4 months (has it been that long already?) I’m thinking it’s time for a big fat shakeup of the furniture around the apartment. The first step might be the addition of a new (old) glass and chrome dining table from my parents’ garage… the possibility of this which means I will be in the market for new dining chairs. The wood dining table we got for free from my aunt is simply too cramped. It is a 4′ circle but only holds four chairs due to the leg placement. I think I would like something that can fit four comfortably and six in a pinch.

Anyway, along with a new (old) table would have to be new chairs. I love the look of these and think they would look awesome with the glass/chrome table… but I hesitate because I don’t want things to be “too modern.” Perhaps for someone who was more willing to commit to the totally modern look. I prefer the chartreuse ones (still such an “in” color!) but Doug leans toward the practical gray version.

TOO Blu Dot for Target

My second favorite selection from the TOO line is this funky media unit. According to the reviews, it comes with this fun yellow door, or a grey-brown alternate. Additionally, the reviews note that this is a great little piece of furniture–IF the package is treated with care during shipping. :/

TOO Blu Dot for Target

I’ve had media units on the brain for the past, um, four years and have yet to commit to one. The cheap ones are too generic and the ones I really like are out of my price range. The hunt continiues…

Below are some more favorites from the TOO line.

TOO Blu Dot for Target

1. Take A Seat pillow – love the blunt welcoming statement.
2. “Time” lounge chair – an awesome contrasting statement piece to pair with a solid colored sofa.
3. Daisy accent table – the wood and red combo would look good next to a sofa, as a bedside table, or as a plant stand… really this table could be used for anything!

Unfortunately the line is all online-only which bums me out because I like to see stuff in person before I buy. Still, I think a lot of this has some awesome potential for someone looking to inject some modern, punchy pieces into their living space for a fraction of the price!

Go ahead, check out the whole collectionWhat do you think?

Etsy Shopping

Is there any better way to spend a rainy, gray morning than doing online shopping?
Nope, I didn’t think so.

The holidays are here. Time to stretch your brain muscle and come up with the perfect gift for those special people in your life. Etsy makes it really, really easy to find one-of-a-kind items, which are much more personal than yet another scarf, DVD, or other generic present. Something I recently discovered and am now loving are Etsy Treasuries. It’s like a mixtape and Pinterest had a baby. The curator can elaborate on a theme, make it visually gorgeous (like Pinterest), but there are a limited number of slots so it forces one to be selective with their choices (like a mixtape) and brings the best items to the surface!

Click either image below to be taken to the Etsy Treasury…
There is no incentive for me if you visit and buy something from either one of these treasuries. I created them purely for fun!

Here’s my first Treasury, entitled “Red-dy for a Vintage Christmas:”

Red-dy for a Vintage Christmas

And here is “Best of Vintage Glassware:”

Best of Vintage Glassware

The vintage glassware treasury is special to me since I’ve recently learned lots and lots about different kinds of old glass. As I’ve shared on Twitter and Instagram, my mom and I have been setting up shop at a local antique mall in Temecula. Her mother had come into possession of several boxes of vintage (1930s) depression glass many, many years ago and we have a number of pieces up for sale. Any profits will be sent to my grandparents in Oklahoma.

This experience has lent a whole new layer to the antiquing experience for me. I already had a fascination with old items, and now I have a greater understanding of the small business aspect as well as more respect for the history of each item in the antique mall.And it’s so much fun to be surrounded by so many pretty items! I hope someone stumbles across the depression glass collection and will treasure the pieces as much as my grandmother has treasured them!

Here are the pieces as we organized and researched prices for them all. If anything catches your eye shoot me an e-mail and I will see if it’s available ;)

Depression Glass

Do you have an Etsy Store? Feel free to leave the link in the comments!