I’m watching wrestling in German at the hotel we’re staying at here in Essouaria. There are a bunch of French channels but they’re all showing suuuuper dramatic movies and the English channel has continuous coverage of M-J’s heart attack. I’m not sure it warrants continuous coverage…  anyway so German WWE it is.

We left Rabat today at around 7:30 AM and got here to Essouaria at like 4. That is like three hours longer than the trip should have taken and I’m not sure why. Lets just say it was a long time to be in the tour bus/van/thing. I listened to some great music on my iPod and slept a fair amount so it was not bad. Traveling by road really isn’t good for one’s appearance though. I mean when you get off a plane you still look alright usually. In a car, bus or van its a different story.

The Gnawa festival is shaping up to be A-W-E-S-O-M-E. We watched one concert tonight and I’m looking forward to a day full of Gnawa tomorrow!!!


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One thought on “Wrestling!”

  1. Um, it wasn’t just a heart attack. He died. Michael Jackson is dead, dude. The King of Pop reigns no more.

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