Yesterday I got a great surprise from UPS.

The surprise was that I encountered the UPS man and got my package in the first place! (Dear 2 missed packages, please come back from the black hole and visit my door….)

Actually, the real surprise was a gift from my good friend who sent me a Scentsy kit! She’d showed me the warmer a long time ago when she first started selling. She said that it reminded her of me and now it’s mine!!! She also sent 3 wax bars, coconut lemongrass (which I’m using now), honey pear cider, and sunkissed citrus! I’m in olfactory heaven. Picture time!

Isn’t it adorable? Love the soft colors and sweet design.

This warmer uses a light bulb instead of a open flame, making it safer. I don’ t have to worry about it when I leave the room!

Close-up of the bird on the top of the warmer.

If you’re jealous of my sweet score, you can visit her Scentsy site and get one for yourself :)


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