We’re Moving!

My friends in real life know, both of our bosses know, and if you follow me on twitter I can assume you’ve put two and two together, but let’s just make it official and announce it on the blog.

I mean… nothing’s true until you read it on a blog, right?

Anyway, the hubs and I (and our pooch) are moving to sunny California!!! The timetable looks like it will be right at the beginning of September, however we are both putting out job applications like mad and if one of them decides to pick us up, we could fast-track this whole operation, if necessary. I am very excited about this adventure.

Mostly I operate under the assumption that the people who read my blog know me in real life and know my story; however, I have seen increased traffic over the past 4 months (which I L-O-V-E) so I suppose I’ll explain a little bit in case I have any new friends who haven’t met me. I am from California. I was born there. Of my 24 years of life, I have spent about 16 of them in California. While the state and I have had some rocky times, it truly is a part of me. I finished my bachelor’s degree in San Diego and while living there fell head over heels for “America’s Finest City.” However, I also fell head over heels for this guy who lived in Kansas, hence the two-and-a-half year detour.

I’ve felt a lot of growing pains while living here, and although I do have a great group of friends, I have never felt like I really belonged in this town of 13,000 (versus my adult life spent in a city of 2 million and/or a city of 100,000). There is a social structure I can’t seem to get my mind around, based on who you’re related to and what sports you played in high school. I guess I never thought it would be so hard to break into, and didn’t know I’d be such an outsider. So, we’re heading to the land of outsiders, a place where people come from all over the country (all over the world, really) where we believe there will be more opportunities.

So, since I get asked the same questions every time, I figured I’d do a little FAQ! Of course, you can and are always encouraged to ask any other questions in the comments… I love comments!


Do you have jobs?

No, not yet, but we are sending out lots of resumes and praying hard! We invite you to throw us any leads and contribute your prayers ;)

No job lined up… so, why now?

Why not? With no kids and no house payment, this is the perfect time to move! We don’t want to get bogged down with real adult life with careers, investments, etc, in a place where we can’t maximize our potential. I admit, there is an appeal to living in this idyllic small town, if that’s your thing, but we are both ready for an adventure. When I moved here in 2010, I didn’t really picture myself in Kansas for more than 3-5 years and I have reached the 2.5 year mark. Doug has never lived more than 30 miles from where he was born… some would find that comforting, but he is itching to experience a new culture. And believe me… as much as American culture is homogenous from region to region, there are still lots of big differences.

What’s the plan?

Well, like I said, we’re applying for jobs like crazy. If one of the jobs picks us up, we’ll move to wherever that is. Our #1 preference is to move to San Diego, but our back-up plan, if we don’t get hired somewhere in the next six weeks, is to move to Temecula, where my parents live. Not move in with my parents, just closer to them where rent is a few hundred dollars less per month. Of course, if a job lands us anywhere in-between, like Escondido, Oceanside, Carlsbad, well then our minds are made up for us. :)

Do you have a place to live? 

Nope, not yet! However I’m very lucky: since I grew up Temecula and lived in San Diego, I know what neighborhoods to scout out, reputable apartment complexes, and what kind of rent looks reasonable. Thanks to the internet, these days you can sign up for an apartment from several states away! What we might end up doing is getting a short lease somewhere which will afford us time to fine the perfect place–in between work locations, restaurants and parks nearby… you know, the whole shebang.

So, do you hate Kansas?

Okay, fine, nobody asked this one, but a part of me suspects that people view this “rejection” of Kansas as a rejection of the Midwest, of small-town life, of their way of life. This is not true. Overall, I have enjoyed my years here in Kansas and I have made many friends who I love. That said, I think that moving somewhere with more hustle and bustle is what my little family needs right now.


Well, enough living in the future, I have lots of living in the present to do. Like a bachelorette party tonight, a birthday party next weekend and an upcoming baby shower for another friend. I do have lots to do and be appreciative of in regards to my current situation. There is a lot to soak up and lots of memories to savor. 



“Be your own boss.”

A tempting offer that has lured many into work-at-home scams. This is not what I’m talking about, though. I’m talking about doing my own thing–doing something I am passionate about–and getting compensated for it. Enough for the endeavor to be sustainable, and preferably with a little cash to take home as well.

I already mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’d like to make blogging a full-time gig. Now, I don’t expect to get rich and travel wth world blogging… I know that it’s hard and you have to have a stroke of luck. Even if I start heading in that direction (getting compensated for blogging) I know I’ll probably continue to depend a LOT on my husband’s income. That said, I could use blogging to promote myself and any ventures I decide to undertake. Branching out. Diversifying. Many of the bloggers I admire most do freelance writing, design, or some other creative enterprise that they can devote themselves to, work hard, and ENJOY!

On a side note, most of the more well-known bloggers I read say, “It started as a hobby; I never thought I’d be a professional blogger,” etc, etc. This is kind of frustrating. In this world, we’re told to pick a goal and pursue it. This is my goal but there are tons of others reaching for the same thing and, honestly, crowding each other out. This is a big hurdle that I’m going to have to give lots of thought. I don’t have the solution, anyways. So, there you go, an incomplete thought thrown into the middle of the post. It’s just worth being realistic, I think.

Anyway, back on topic.. Here is my dreamt-up list of “someday maybe” jobs… And I’m not talking that I’ll do all of them. Maybe one of them. Maybe a combination of two. Maybe blogging half time and collaborating with the right person who happens to cross my path. Maybe something completely different.

  • Provide design consultations for home and public areas
  • Refurbish old furniture and have a small retail store
  • Freelance short travel & lifestyle article
  • Own a small boutique B&B
  • Own/run a hostel

What are your dreams? Are you taking any steps to achieve them? 

Wow, I started out May strong: a good quality and quantity (in my opinion anyway) and certainly just sort of… fell off the wagon last week.

I’ve got ideas, let me tell you. I want to finish my posts on room details (I did the guest room and bedroom), I want to make some more inspiration boards, especially for kids’ rooms (my friend and I brainstormed a list of classic kid books!), I want to put up some pics I took a couple weeks ago for photo editing practice, but I can’t seem to get these things done around work and life.

May is a busy, busy, month here at work and the next two weekends are big events… if something goes wrong, it just might traced back to me (no pressure!) so I’m going to try to do my best to anticipate anything that might come up, but after that whatever happens will just happen! It means I’ll be forced to get my head out of the clouds and get down to business. For real.

I want a “retreat” weekend to work on my blog, focus myself, and to just nail down some ideas and inspiration I have floating around in my head.

I got an apple green binder “to hold my hopes & dreams” but right now it remains empty save for some plastic sheet protectors (also empty) and divider tabs (unlabeled).

Someday I will catch up… Maybe…


Do you hate it when bloggers just write a brain dump post about nothing (like this?) I personally don’t mind it… they are human beings with lives and usually a full time job and blog on the side.

Just like me.

I must keep reminding myself that I am just a normal person.