Bathroom Inspiration

As soon as I saw this picture on Pinterest, I knew what was in store for my bathroom. In all fairness and proper blogging etiquette, the original pic is from Kohler Talk. A blog about bathrooms, pretty much exclusively. What!

Anyway, We removed the doors from the cabinet above the toilet and rearranged everything. We have too many towels. Towels from our wedding that we didn’t ask for (actually these are so nice, but HUGE and take up a lot of space even folder), random green towels that showed up in my apartment a few years ago (I never found out where they came from) among others. Nobody will ever complain about not being able to dry off at my house.

This all started by me being totally jealous of John and Sherry’s kitchen renno but lacking the funds or ability to do anything about I have decided to do minor upgrades on the bathroom. As part of my larger vision, one cabinet with open shelving will make the place feel more fancy-schmancy. Also, you can see the open cabinet in the mirror while you’re on the jon, which gives you something nice to look at while being otherwise occupied.

Also included on the to-do list:

  • replace hardware throughout the bathroom with brushed nickel knobs (instead of cheapo white plastic)
  • figure out something as far as the shower curtain is concerned
  • fill in awkward cheap-looking seams on the cabinet to make the discount-contractor’s installation look as upscale as possible
  • dress the window… somehow… with something…
  • frost the window so we can ditch the dirty mini-blinds!

Baby steps though. Right now we need to paint the back of the cabinet. I hope to have this little project done by the end of the weekend!


Disappointed In: Towels

I always write “show and tell” posts about what I got at the thrift store recently and whatnot, but I thought I’d start a series. I’m not saying this whole week will be “Disappointed In” posts, just, whenever I write one I’ll tag it the same way, that way you can see all my bad purchases >:o

Actually, this inaugural Disappointed In post isn’t something I bought myself, which takes the sting off a little bit, but it is something I picked out (it was on my wedding registry) so, the fact that someone else spent money on something that hasn’t held up is still a bummer. Plus, if the whole batch was like this, hundreds of people probably got some bum product.

This towel is from Target’s “Home” collection circa May 2010. As you can see, the hem totally failed. And I think two out of four of our towels did this, but this is the worst one.  Thing is, before you say “You’ve had it almost a year!” I didn’t use them until July and this happened after two or three washings. Sad face.

My Kohl’s “Sonoma Lifestyle” towels, however, I got in 2007 are still goin’ strong. Still plush and absorbent, and the color hasn’t faded or anything. It’s that’s definitely the brand I’m going to stick with from now on.

On a happier note, we’re doing a little hallway bonding activity.

Here are our brackets, along with Adam (#1 commenter here on MFS) and our neighbor to the west (his wife didn’t fill one out). There’s a new guy moving in across the hallway soon and we’ll give him one as a welcoming present. These are taped in the hallway and Doug’s pumped about meticulously tracking the winners and losers of every game. I am the only one here who didn’t pick KU to go all the way. Gotta stand out, right?

Got any bum products you’re disappointed in? If you email me a pic or two, you could star in a guest blog!

Who’s gonna win the College Basketball championship?

My Bathroom

As promised, I photographed my weird, weird bathroom. Enjoy.

These images just might make you forget about the cold and get in the mood for spring–more specifically–Easter. You shall see why in a moment.

From the door, standing next to/in front of the sink.

As you may have noticed, I have three different pastel tiles working together here, not to mention the weird black and white smaller tile which is inset right next to the tub, around 4’x2′. At the top of the yellow tile (about 5 feet from the floor) there is a green border piece which matches the tub. Additionally, although it might look slightly dingy (if you’re used to seeing brand new remodeled bathrooms on home design blogs) I can assure you this is freshly cleaned.

Now, if you were seated on the throne, you’d see the sink (mirror above it–I didn’t take a photo of it because I couldn’t get a shot of it without me in the picture).

There are a few subtle details that make me feel more sunny about this otherwise quite decrepit bathroom. The green ceramic/tile(?) built-in niches are some of my favorites: There are 2 above the sink, one in the tub to hold soap, and another is a toilet paper dispenser.

Another cool thing is the vintage mirror–I don’t know exactly how old it is but the shape and style are decidedly art deco. Here’s a detail from the top of the mirror:

My last (but possibly most favorite) detail is the shower curtain rod. Clearly, the shower was added in during a remodel of the old room. The curtain is attached to the wall in 2 places and to the ceiling at the bend. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the copper color:

So, what do you think? Questions, comments, recommendations? I have a question for you: in which decade do you think this room? It seems old but I’m not sure how old… Obviously the sink and toilet hutch are new… basically I am curious about WHEN somebody picked those tile colors! I’m not even going to try to imagine WHO…

More Bathrooms

Ever since making that board for Liz last week and planning on beginning its execution this coming weekend, I’ve got bathrooms on the brain.

My back has been killing me this week (getting it looked at tomorrow) and to alleviate the pain I took a long bath in my crazy, vintage bathroom. I’ll post a tour of it this week–it’ll be brief ’cause it’s hard to get a decent picture in such a small space.

Here are bits and pieces I love from current collections by the Big Three (in my–and many other decorators’–book) West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel. Images will link to stores where you can get some early birthday/Christmas shopping done for me ;)

West Elm

I love this look West Elm currently has going for it. The monochromatic walls & sink, then the standout blue of the shower curtain, it’s perfect. You can tell this isn’t a real room though, because in reality I bet that charcoal color would make any bathroom (without a window, skylight or natural light source) look suuuuper dark and sketchy.

Love this take on dual sinks. Much more interesting than the standard long slab counter.

Crazy about bright white and dark wood. It should also be mentioned that the reason I found this image was because I was looking about these really pretty towels. Potter Barn isn’t always my style, but I love the look of these:

Audrey Organic Towel Set. Wish list?

And finally, Crate and Barrel has pretty much the only shower curtain (that I’ve seen recently) that would even possibly work in our tri-colored bathroom (you’ll see… just wait). Their new Marimekko Samovari (in “Berry,” I call it “purple”)…

“Berry” nice! Also craving the green version of this for a sheet set.

I’m not going to build up “bathroom week” like I did with “living room week” but do expect to see some bathroom related posts as I continue to have decor for the least-spoken-of room of the house in the front of my mind…