Loss Prevention

Our new apartment (a few more “in progress” shots coming soon) is on the third floor! This is great for getting rid of the extra pounds I put on over the last year, but not so good when it comes to my nerves about little Mosey squeezing out under the railing on our small balcony. If he can fit under the bed (his new trick, now that our bed is no longer on the floor), he can squeeze out under the rail. I mean, he could if he really wanted to.

Here’s a quick little project Doug took care of as soon as we moved in–while I arranged stuff in our closet and worked on some kitchen organization, he finished this up in an evening. The rails are too narrow for little Moze to squeeze out of, but the section underneath made me a little paranoid–he’s probably smart enough not to squeeze out and fall to his doom, but he might get his head stuck or something.

My dad had some extra chicken wire left over from a pigeon-prevention project he undertook at their home a number of years ago, so the cost of this project was only about four bucks for the zip ties. Doug simply cut the chicken wire into four long strips using wire cutters (included in this basic tool kit I snagged at IKEA a number of years ago) and attached the strips to the bottom of the fence using small 4-inch zip ties. It took about twenty zip ties so now we have 80 for other projects… yeah.

This simple task has helped set my mind at ease, because we love sitting out on our patio and Mosey loves watching the kids play in the pool and barking at other dogs. Not to mention, if he plays with toys out here, there’s less of a chance of them falling and getting lost.

And, unless you’re really looking for it, you can’t really see the chicken wire from a distance.

Ever taken any safety measures simply for paranoia’s sake? I don’t think that there was a real risk here but now I really won’t have to worry!!



It doesn’t have to be rock climbing, white water rafting, or visiting a foreign country.

I went home for lunch, as I do every day. I have the same routine: pull in the driveway, head inside, plunk down purse and keys, let Mosey out of his kennel into the backyard.

Today, I pulled in the driveway, and a cute little black and white face peeked out at me from behind the rolled up hose, and a smiling dog approached my car. He stared at me through my window as I shut the car off. Once I stepped out, he got nervous and ran around to the far side of the house. Clearly curious, he came back with minimal coaching on my part. He sweetly continued to sniff around the yard, obviously interested in the dogs that have gone before him. I checked his collar for his name–Dib–and got the phone number of his family.

He was so friendly! It didn’t take a lot of effort to lead him to my backyard where he’d be safe and sound until his owner came for him. I called, she was home, and told me where the little guy had wandered from. It was several blocks away, and to get to my house he had to have crossed the busiest street in town! He was on an adventure, and so was I. I headed inside to get my own dog–knowing he still needed to go outside. I took him out on a leash and let him sniff the new guy through the chain-link fence, of course I knew that Mosey would like him, but not all dogs like his high-energy friendliness, so I kept them apart. Mosey was quite miffed that I didn’t let him run and play with his new friend.

About this time, a silver mini-van pulled up, and the husband of the woman I talked to on the phone got out. Dib got all squirmy and wiggly–very excited to see a familiar face. I let him out of the yard and he jumped into the arms of his owner. The man explained that the little guy had made a jail-break out of their back door, which hadn’t been closed all the way. He seemed a little embarrassed and sheepish that the dog they’d adopted just six months ago had escaped to explore the big wide world. I didn’t even get his name, but I’m glad I could play a starring role in their reunion. Of course, secretly I wanted to keep the sweet little pup.

It only took about ten minutes, but my unexpected encounter with this little guy was all I needed to put a smile on my face for the rest of the day.

I’m also more convinced than ever that if we get a second dog, I want it to be like this guy. Can’t you imagine the Abbott and Costello kind of schtick he’d pull with skinny, lanky Mosey?

Doggy Halloween

A few days ago, we got an invite to the Kansas-Missouri IG Rescue halloween party. A fancy new humane society complex recently opened up in Wichita, complete with a “party room” where Mosey met with over 20 other Italian Greyhounds for a “small” get-together. The dogs that Mosey fostered with were there, (we call them his “brothers”) along with other IGs from the region. Mosey always seems small to me until he gets around other IGs; at 17 pounds he was among the 3 biggest dogs there!

You might be able to tell that the bumblebee costume proved popular (there were 4 of them). Mosey’s “brothers” all had on skull-and-crossbones hoodies and two other IG’s came as a boy and girl scout. Very cute. Mosey just wore his Chiefs jacket that I made him (I’ll post DIY instructions sometime) which he’s been wearing a lot since the weather has started to cool down. It was impossible to get a good shot of the dogs because none of them would stop moving!

Mosey was a little bit of a bully, he is definitely the alpha type and finds it necessary to be the center of attention. We had to take him outside once so he could chill out a little bit. He always gets really worked up when around other dogs! Not in a bad way, he just gets really excited.

Now, before you get too worried about our social lives. Doug and I did attend a real halloween party on Friday, complete with actual human beings. I went as a lumberjack (drew on a beard with makeup) and Doug went as a pile of leaves. No pictures though since my camera battery is low (haven’t found the charger since the move) and I wanted to save my battery for the dog party :P

What did you do or are you doing tonight for Halloween?? This year will by our first year passing out candy since we’re in an actual neighborhood!