My Life, Recently, in Photos

Last week I locked my keys in the car and was forced to bike to work. It’s approximately a mile and fortunately Kansas is very flat so it’s not a huge deal. After the chilly morning fog cleared, it was a really nice day, so although it isn’t the ideal situation, it turned out OK.

I’m glad that I didn’t have to bike to work this week. It’s much colder: meaning temperatures around freezing (plus or minus a few degrees). Overall, I’m thankful for the mild winter (very few below-freezing days) that reminds me more of my CA life (“winter” means 50 – 60 degrees and sunny). This week we got dumped on, but it didn’t stick around. I wonder how long my luck will hold out… crossing my fingers we make it to spring without a school-closing, road-condition-endangering blizzard (we had several last Jan/Feb/Mar.)

A few things that have perked up my days:

Used my gift card to get Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and added Bossypants (those arms still give me the willies) to upgrade to free super saver shipping. Both very funny.

Admiring my dishes. Wishing for a cabinet with glass doors (like this) or open shelving to show off.

A most delicious, healthy lunch. Amics roasted veggie wrap.

A new friend for the mantel. Target. $10.

Finally, a new purse! The faux leather on my gray purse was getting all flake-y and peel-y and all-around unsightly. This one’s from H&M that is big enough and chic enough to meet all my purse expectations. Oh, and gold accents are a must.


Dogs in Silly Situations

Okay, I suppose the title should be “dog” in silly situations.  My dog. My Mosey is the most patient dog in the world for putting up with what we put him through.

Love the little stinker. I love putting him in human situations such as:

Puzzle Time.
Dance Party.

Shoutout to Mosey for bearing with our antics. I call it reciprocity for the hours and hours he wants us to play fetch with the tennis ball when we’d rather be eating/sleeping/watching tv/blogging/playing Madden.


Have you noticed a major slow-down in the blogging world this week? I guess bloggers get all hyped up for Christmas (especially the kind of blogs who like to advise you on how to decorate or what to buy for your loved ones) and then take it easy the week between Christmas and New Years. I have been taking it easy ever since getting my new job. Wish I had the opportunity to post more, but time doesn’t necessarily permit it. We’ll see how 2012 looks.

In other news, my pallet room divider got reblogged (again) and in English this time! I got credited and everything. Thanks for the uptick in views, guys!

Week 2 in McPherson

Week 2 consisted mainly of spending time with old friends and getting to know new friends. Last Friday Doug left for England, leaving me on my own to socialize with people I haven’t seen for over 2 years or had never met before. So far I think I’m doing well.

Last Saturday Lisa and I made a grand excursion to Lindsborg and Salina where we shopped at 2 thrift stores and Hobby Lobby and made a killing in cheap decorations.

Sunday David and Bryce took me in and fed me after going to church with them at the Free Methodist church. I was excited to hear a woman pastor speak but she was on a trip so the associate pastor spoke. I really liked it though and will probably go back again this Sunday. Maybe I’ll bring Lisa.

Monday and Tuesday are kind of a blur; I don’t remember what I did but I do remember lots of coffee was consumed and there was lots of pleasure reading. Its nice not to be told what to read and how many pages–which was the norm for the last 3 semesters at least, if not the whole 4 1/2 years I was in school. I finished my first book of 2010, Slaughterhouse Five, because I feel like as a self-respecting fan of 20th century literature, I should have read it by now. Currently I’m working on a Hunter S Thompson book and the recently popular Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Now I remember what I did on Tuesday. I took all the trash and recyclables out to the transfer station (so-called because they transfer our trash to a bigger dump somewhere else). Still, its the only place in town that separates recyclables and as a dutiful environmentalist and Californian, I want to do my part.

Wednesday was Justin’s day off and we had an adventure in Hutchinson, spending a little more money than we both had expected but still not too  much. He bought some art supplies and I bought some makeup since mine had ran out. We ate at Antojitos Mexicanos el Barbas, which pushed him way outside his comfort zone–generally he’s wary to even try new food chains, let alone a hole in the wall Mexican place.

The Job hunt has commenced! I have turned in resumes at a number of places and am waiting to get a call or an e-mail in response. I have a few more things to get taken care of today as well. Wish me luck!

Also, as promised, pictures of my new place…