Let’s go to the Medina

What I want to know is whether average 21 year olds in Rabat go and hang out in the medina or at the kasbah like we do. I mean, I’ve been to the medina three times already but is it just because its the new and different thing that’s cool to show foreigners?

he glanced up right as i snapped the picture...
he glanced up right as i snapped the picture...

I am loving and hating wordpress right now. I mean, come on, you ridiculous site, I wanted to post an update but the post page took like an hour to load. What’s with that? More bandwidth-intensive sites like youtube.com work just fine–what’s the deal wordpress?


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2 thoughts on “Let’s go to the Medina”

  1. psssh wordpress is a pansy.. no bueno.. :(.. its porbably were wordpress is hosted or something… like youtube is huge and has servers to all over the world.. but… idk.. maybe thats not even how the internet works…

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